Besides toursupport and catering we at mom's HQ are buzzy bees... While being bored to death, we create our own events or co-produce them. So, if you are searching for support to change your event into a smoothly running machine you know where to find us.


Mom’s Living Room evolved from our catering stand, which festival visitors have been visiting for years for a tasty, vegan snack. In this living room, we organise acoustic sessions with numerous international artists. We'll transform a container into a cosy living room which fits the warm personality of Just Like Your Mom.

Expect this unique concept to be displayed at various European festivals throughout spring and summer of 2016. Big and small artists will perform short acoustic sessions in our Mom-styled living room. Every session will be recorded and published online (here as well!) so you can watch and listen to your favorite artists perform.

Cooking Workshops

A few years ago we started with doing cooking workshops for large groups. Together with venues and bands we create an intimate atmosphere. It involves 2 steps. Band and teacher give a workshop to a dozen people. Band and students eat together. Band plays a few songs after dinner. A great way to spend an afternoon creating food, music and fun.

Gentse Feesten

Since a couple of years we organize a vegan and environmental friendly haven during Ghent's annual festival . We provide vegan food and at the same time create a space next to our stall for NGO’s to promote their activities. The NGO's that have been using this space over the last few years are: EVA vzw, NatuurpuntGents Milieu FrontFriends of the Earth Belgium, JAAN Indonesia, The Black Fish, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Bite Back and more...

Besides these 2 stalls we also run a restaurant called Cyclus in the Baudelopark. Here we work together with Trefpunt VZW to create a restaurant with sitting area for 150 people in a recycled enviroment. We provide a la cart menus.

Milan Design Week

Just like in 2015, we are going to Milan Design Week to set up a restaurant area. This event in Italy is the most prestigious design event in the world. We’re working together with Studiomie (a Ghent based design agency) to create a high quality food and design environment at at the Ventura Lambrate area. 

Because road transportation is very pollutive, we choose for an alternative way to get our own and other people’s goods to Italy. That’s why the equipment is travelling by train. This emits 50 times less CO2 compared to road travel.

Macbeth Stage at Groezrock

A few years ago, we collaborated with Macbeth Footwear to create a small DIY haven at the Groezrock festival in Belgium. This in the form of co-organizing the Macbeth factor that grew fast into a very succesfull bandcontest. For a few years the Macbeth Stage was a not to be missed stage at Groezrock.